Doing Business in Milton

“The main reason that we chose Milton was for its convenient location and easy access to major transportation routes in Southern, WI and Northern, IL, including interstate 90 and the Wisconsin Southern Railroad. The City of Milton was always professional and very easy to work with. They were very organized and prompt with their responses, which allowed the process to keep moving forward at all times. Our greatest benefit from locating our business to Milton is that we are able to service our customers in a timely manner while at the same time maintaining a strong and positive relationship with the City of Milton and our community. When considering growth opportunities for the Milton area, including our industrial and highway projects, the City of Milton has always valued our input and involved us in the planning process. We are very pleased with the commitment that this community has given us and are very confident that this community will continue to grow and develop in a manner that is positive for both the residents and businesses of the Milton area”. - Aric Dieter, Plant Manager, Cargill Animal Nutrition

“I have been in the Milton Community for over 21 years now and have seen many changes over the years. I have seen this small City go from a relatively conservative quiet community to a vibrant pro business development community. This is largely due to the proactive working arrangement between the City of Milton Government and the Economic Development Committee (EDC). Not only is Milton a great place to live and raise a family but it is also a great place to do business. We have a very well planned out East Side Industrial Park with rail access. Milton is also closely located to the Interstate Highway System making the ease of transportation simple. With the combination of business friendly government, great schools, Milton history, location and the friendly small town feel, Milton is a Win-Win! - Dan Honold, President, Bank of Milton

“The City does recognize the balance necessary between the interests of the City and business. The City was working with me and for me throughout the process. The people I have dealt with have all been good, which in my opinion, is way above average. (Milton offers a) good price on the land deal, good access to interstate highways and a large employee base to draw from.” - David Williams, Owner, Baron Styles

“Milton (is) a great place to live, work and raise a family. Milton has small town charm, with the large city benefits available within a short drive. Milton has good schools, low crime, low taxes, a favorable business climate and residents that genuinely care about each other and their community. Located 10 minutes from Janesville, 1 hour from Madison, 1½ hours from Milwaukee and 2 hours from Chicago, big city benefits are only a short drive away, but we still have the benefits of a small town. Milton is also a destination for many. With the historical Milton House, fishing, boating and camping, Milton is enjoyed by many visitors as well. We welcome you to experience why we are proud to call Milton-HOME!” - William Albright, President, First Community Bank

“The YMCA of Northern Rock County has successfully collaborated with the City of Milton staff and elected officials on a couple of different projects. We have found them to be friendly, accessible and down-to-earth. They exhibit a can-do approach to challenges, and bring a creative eye to the table. While Milton is a beautiful community with small-town charm, there is nothing small-town about the level of professionalism and vision exhibited by the City leaders. I would encourage any business or family looking for a new home to give the City of Milton serious consideration” - Tom Den Boer, CEO, YMCA of Northern Rock County

“(We selected Milton) to better service our customers and to be a positive addition to the community and the TIF district’s affordability was a definitive factor in our attraction to relocate to Milton. With our territory to cover to serve our customers, being more centrally located was economical and has had a positive advantage for fuel costs. We are (also) looking forward to the Hwy 26 and 59 bypass as it will attract more people and business. We had a very positive experience (working with the City) from the Mayor and the City Manager on down. They were easy to get along with and everyone was glad to have us be an addition to the community. - Steve Bysted, President, Ott Schweitzer