Join the Chamber

The Milton Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) facilitates and develops programs and services that help businesses grow and prosper.   MACC provides information and referrals for tourists in the Milton area. MACC works closely with the City of Milton to recruit and retain businesses to improve the overall economy in the Milton area.
The MACC organization is a membership organization which promotes Milton to residents, businesses and visitors. Membership is open to Milton area businesses and community boosters. 

Mission Statement:

The Milton Area Chamber of Commerce leads and represents business efforts to benefit our members and strengthen the community.

Vision Statement:

The Milton Area Chamber of Commerce is the leader and the voice of the Milton area business community.

How MACC is Structured:

A Board of Directors governs MACC and is the policy making body of MACC. Its members represent the business and professional leadership of the Community. The Board consists of eleven (11) total members. Four or Five board members are elected each year for 2 year term. The President chairs the monthly meetings, which usually occur on the second Thursday of each month at 8am at the MACC office.
MACC has several sub-committees, which are responsible to report activities on a monthly basis to the Board of Directors. Sub-committees are part of the structure of MACC, these groups will follow the MACC protocol and directions provided by the Board of Directors.

How MACC is Financed:

MACC is financed through dues assessed to the Membership, as well as MACC events, program, publications, and advertising.

MACC Membership Information:

Many businesses and organizations in our area make up the MACC Membership.  If you are interested in joining, please contact us at 608-868-6222