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Community Innovation Results

MACC Announces UW-Whitewater
Small Business Development Center Community Innovation Survey Results

The Milton Area Chamber of Commerce partnered with UW-Whitewater’s Small Business Development Center to research Milton’s existing downtowns and study Milton’s strengths and areas of opportunity. The goal of the Community Innovation project was to enable Milton area business leaders and economic development specialists to strengthen the City’s image and make it a desired destination for consumers, companies, tourists and residents.

The survey was distributed to residents (through the Milton Courier), businesses, civic leaders and tourists. The survey sought a cross section of these populations. UW-Whitewater’s Small Business Development Center tallied the results and presented MACC with recommendations

The report is intended to generate constructive discussion and ideas on improving the Milton community, with particular attention paid to the downtown districts. The report also focused on branding and innovation that would be appropriate in response to the Highway 26/59 bypass project. The recommendations indicate that MACC and the City should focus current strategies on creating a long-term vision for the community.

The report also verified that many current efforts are on target. MACC's former Executive Director Christina Slaback notes that work is already underway to achieve the goals as recommended. According to Slaback, “MACC’s marketing and promotional efforts have been in line with recommendations with the recent launch of the new MACC website and increased communication with members. Community beautification projects, such as the current adopt-a-basket campaign, will also help with establishing Community identity.”

Redevelopment and revitalization recommendations include developing a business retention strategy and attracting businesses to the downtown's that support pedestrian traffic. Slaback states that, “The Northleaf Winery and Patty’s Plants project are two good examples of downtown development that achieve some of the goals that are identified in the report.” The report also recommends that the historical downtown's become a location for festivals and community events in order to increase attention to these business areas. The creation of a historic civic/college center and connection between the two current downtown's are also report recommendations.

MACC looks forward to creating and implementing strategies that will use the results of this report, along with the input of community and business members, to strengthen Milton’s position to be vibrant and successful long into the future. With a focus on tourism, businesses and development, MACC is the Milton area’s one-stop resource.

Current state of recommendations is being reviewed by the MACC board.

To view full report click here.