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Type Description
Interstate I-90 & I-43
Highway USH 14 & 51; STH 11, 26 (4-lane), 59, 81, 104, 138, 140 & 213
Rail Union Pacific (4 trains to Chicago, 3 from Chicago daily)
IA, Chicago and Eastern Rail Road (1 train to/from Rockford daily)
Wisconsin & Southern (1 train to/from Chicago daily)
Air* Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport (FAA certified and operated control tower; cargo & private passenger services)
Beloit Airport (cargo & private passenger services)

Rock County also offers a close proximity to O'Hare, Milwaukee, Rockford, and Madison airports.
Trucking Contract
Liquid/Dry Bulk
Motor Freight
Local Cartage

*Commercial passenger services are available from Dane County Regional, Milwaukee International, O'hare International and the Greater Rockford Airport.


With the Hwy 26/59 bypass project, there will be 3 roundabouts in Milton at the ramps for Hwy 26 and the intersection of Cty Hwy M.

Roundabouts, used in place of stop signs and traffic signals, are a type of circular intersection that can significantly improve traffic flow and safety. Where roundabouts have been installed, motor vehicle crashes have declined by about 40 percent, and those involving injuries have been reduced by about 80 percent. Crash reductions are accompanied by significant improvements in traffic flow, thus reducing vehicle delays, fuel consumption, and air pollution.
- Insurance Institute for Hwy Safety.

Modern roundabouts are the newest form of intersection in the U.S. Several are in operation in Wisconsin, including a new urban roundabout on Milwaukee's south side. Several others are in the planning stages around the state.

Roundabouts provide safe and efficient traffic flow and make use of extensive safety and traffic research conducted over the past 25 years in other countries.

Today's roundabouts are much smaller than the "traffic circles" of earlier years.

Roundabouts move traffic safely through an intersection because of:

  • Slower speeds
  • Fewer conflict points
  • Easier decision-making

Studies by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that roundabouts provide a:

  • 90% reduction in fatal crashes
  • 76% reduction in injury crashes
  • 30-40% reduction in pedestrian crashes
  • 10% reduction in bicycle crashes

Source -Wisconsin Department of Transportation Safety & Consumer Protection

Roundabout FAQs - - Frequently Asked Questions regarding Roundabouts

Roundabout Resources

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